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A cosmic perspective

Looking up at a star-lit night’s sky, to me, is one of the most awe-inspiring moments we can have. To simply contemplate our place in the universe requires an adventure to the extreme limits of our imagination, and even there, the sheer size and vastness of it all forces the contemplation to bow respectfully in defeat. Read more

Free will, an illusion worth believing in?

Rest both your hands on a platform out in front of your eyes. Now, make a decision to close only one of your hands. How do you think you could have arrived at this decision? Read more

The power of the Placebo effect

The peculiar workings of the mind never seize to amaze me. It seems like the more that neurologists and psychologists learn about these workings of the brain, the more they realize how much they don’t actually know about it. Read more

Happiness lies in its pursuit

Why is it that we feel the need to travel through life so ambitiously, moving from one goal to the next, with the hope that one day we will reach an end reward that would fill us with enough happiness to make all the effort worth it? Haven’t we seen enough generations go through school, to get into college, to get a good job, to build a successful career, to end up living in the nursing home of their choice? Read more

We naturally underestimate the power of our actions

The subjective nature of our minds will have us think that we have a pretty firm grip on how the world around us works. We have this picture in our heads that is tinkered with now and then, but for most of the time it remains constant. Read more