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Meta-patterns and the origin of your reality

To understand is to perceive patterns. This seemingly harmless statement is packed with one of the most profound realizations you will ever come across. But in order to expose its concealed marvel, I must first discuss perception and how it influences reality.

Perception is based on the idea that one’s senses take in electrical signals, which are then interpreted by systems and processes within their brain to create meaning. An interpretation is of course subjective, therefore the reality you perceive is not actually an objective sort of reality, rather it is more like a tunnel through which you view the world, moulded by your preconceptions and prejudices at the time. This means that everyone sees the world differently.

The level of difference depends on genetics but also more importantly, the natural and socio-cultural environments one has been in. Obviously if two people have been exposed to similar environments,they will have a lower level of difference in terms of perceived reality than two people who have completely different backgrounds.

Using language as a simple example, it is easy to see how interpretation plays a role.

Imagine for a moment that you walk into a room that has graffiti on the wall. The graffiti says something that offends you deeply and thus stirs up a lot of emotion and feeling within you. You immediately have a negative impression of the room and the environment around it. But what if you didn’t understand English and thus you weren’t able to understand the meaning of the graffiti on the wall? The writing would still be the same, you still see the same shapes and colour, yet the difference is that the English meaning associated with the symbols had no meaning to you and so wouldn’t produce the negative impression of the room and the environment around you.

This is a simple example but the insight found within it can be applied to everything. An impression of an experience and the resulting feelings and emotions are simply based on preconceptions relating to that experience. That is to say, an impression is simply the product of previous understandings that have moulded your reality into interpreting a given situation in a specific way. This tells us that meaning is not grounded and given, but rather it is an extraction from the chaos of the world by spotting and connecting patterns that make sense within one’s ever changing reality tunnel.

However it is important to understand that within ones reality tunnel (subjective perspective of the world), there are meta-patterns. Pattern’s that go across the entire spectrum of reality and thus normally make sense within any single individual’s reality tunnel. There are of course exceptions.

These meta-patterns range from simple understandings to the more complex ones, only realized in our recent history. These recently found meta-patterns are the reason why we have developed so much in the last few centuries. They have given us insight into what we are, what the world around us is, where we have come from and to a certain extent, where we are going. All the development towards the society we see today has come from great thinkers seeing meta-patterns when everyone else just saw chaos.


Some of the greatest meta-patterns discovered include Einstein’s discovery of relativity, as well as Darwin’s discovery of evolution by natural selection. There are also more recent ones that are going to have a huge impact on us in the near future. These include Peter Russell’s meta-pattern, the idea that the internet is acting like a central nervous system and each user is simply a discrete neuron, of a newly evolved global brain. Another recently found meta-pattern is Kurzweil’s discovery regarding the exponential growth of technology. Both of these recent discoveries have had a profound impact on those who have taken the time to understand them. Like Darwin and Einstein’s theories, they will slowly spread throughout society and eventually settle as a core component in most people’s reality.

There are of course exceptions all around the world, people within society who are too tightly bound to certain fabricated preconceptions to move forward. They cannot let go of their illusions, either because of the intense love they have for them, or the fear they have for not knowing what reality would be like without them. These people that get stuck with a narrow reality will stubbornly fight any truth that temps them to change.

It would be fine to let these people be, if it wasn’t for the fact that most of the anger, hatred and violence in our world today, are the creations of their ignorant narrow minded outlooks. Seeing difference in terms of things like race or religion is still a problem in the world because of people with sticky preconceptions who have therefore failed to consider knowledge derived from some of the most obvious meta-patterns. And the worst is that it is not that these people are incapable of seeing the meta-patterns, it is that they ignorantly choose not to.

This shows off the importance of trying to be open minded towards new ideas and experiences and therefore embracing change as the only real constant in our lives.

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