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Realizing our limits

A big idea, slowly starting to make its way into conventional thinking, is that our brains are actually long past their thrive by dates. We are now living in a time where computation, neuroscience technologies and mass data collection allow for in depth understanding of how the brain functions, as well as how it has  managed to survive with its many flaws in a world so foreign to its conceiving.

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Entering a State of Flow

As a child growing up, I remember being involved in many innocuous activities, where I was incredibly focused and completely in the moment. Time didn’t exist and neither did the world outside of the activity. There was this simplicity, this happiness and this sense of clarity. All the value came from the intrinsic quality of the experience and nothing outside of it mattered. Read more

Slowing down time

Most people have been through a dangerous, life threatening event, where they recall the feeling of time slowing down.This slow-motion effect seems so clear and real but at the same time our understanding of the world tells us that it is not currently possible to adjust the speed of time.

So what is causing these contradicting beliefs?

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