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Slowing down time

Most people have been through a dangerous, life threatening event, where they recall the feeling of time slowing down.This slow-motion effect seems so clear and real but at the same time our understanding of the world tells us that it is not currently possible to adjust the speed of time.

So what is causing these contradicting beliefs?

Thanks to neurologists such as Eagleman, this problem has finally been solved.

The solution was founded on the understanding that people don’t actually see time in slow-motion during an event. Rather, it is in fact a completely retrospective assessment, a realisation that is only made once the event has occurred.

They then found that the reason it felt like time had slowed down during the event was because during dangerous, life threatening events, the brain is hard wired to write down memory much more densely. This is believed to be a sort of survival mechanism that we used to help us escape from predators back in the day.


The problem is that the brain doesn’t see this density as something independent to time. The brain’s subjectivity forces it to see the increased amount of footage captured during the event, as time slowing down relative to its understanding of time’s natural speed.

Time therefore feels like it is slowing down because you are using more brain energy and capturing a higher frequency of footage during a life threatening event, which gives you the illusion that the duration of the event was longer that it was in actuality.

Just another way our brain warps our reality. Now you know!

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