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Posts from the ‘Neurology’ Category

Closing The Divide

The world is currently in a state of rapid technological change. Even those with just the slightest of interests in the broader scheme of things can accept this reality. The problem is that this change is creating a divide, two diverging perspectives of how we should handle the ever growing power of technology. Read more

Disseminating ideas and the Memetic perspective

I think people heavily underestimate the power of ideas. Their intangible, immeasurable nature forces them to take a back seat to the more physical, material things that attract our attention. We look out at a reality which seems so ordinary, so standard, like everyone should see it this way, when in fact the truth is that our reality is really more of a perspective moulded by a collection and collaboration of interlinking ideas which have infected our minds and spread due to their virality. Read more

The network effect

A subject of great interest to me of late is decision making. From the outside it may seem like a discussion of this subject could possibly be bland and lack anything valuable enough to be used in the fast paced, information abundant world of today. But contrary to this belief, once one delves into the depths of decision making, it becomes clear that  it actually holds some of the most fascinating ideas of our time. Read more

The resurgence of empathy

Are we naturally empathetic? Recent history tells us that empathy has played a role, but that it has been clearly dominated by characteristics such as self- interest and utilitarianism. This due to the fact that some of the most powerful ideas, coming from great minds such as Smith, Hobbes and Freud, were founded on the belief that it is our nature to be self-interested. These ideas took flight and eventually helped to mould and shape the materialistic western culture that we see today. But what if they were wrong? Read more

Free will, an illusion worth believing in?

Rest both your hands on a platform out in front of your eyes. Now, make a decision to close only one of your hands. How do you think you could have arrived at this decision? Read more

The power of the Placebo effect

The peculiar workings of the mind never seize to amaze me. It seems like the more that neurologists and psychologists learn about these workings of the brain, the more they realize how much they don’t actually know about it. Read more

Happiness lies in its pursuit

Why is it that we feel the need to travel through life so ambitiously, moving from one goal to the next, with the hope that one day we will reach an end reward that would fill us with enough happiness to make all the effort worth it? Haven’t we seen enough generations go through school, to get into college, to get a good job, to build a successful career, to end up living in the nursing home of their choice? Read more

We naturally underestimate the power of our actions

The subjective nature of our minds will have us think that we have a pretty firm grip on how the world around us works. We have this picture in our heads that is tinkered with now and then, but for most of the time it remains constant. Read more